In the darkness, in the vastness
the quiet - it is a canvas
so be still; stillness speaks.

I'm not waiting on any god there
I'm not sending up any prayer
I am still because stillness speaks.


When the fury blows fast around you
there is one word to always ground you
It is joy; joy will speak.

And the hateful, they may shout louder
but to their judgments they are bound
So be joy; joy will speak.


In the darkness, in the blackness
your kindness, it is a candle
so be kind; kindness speaks

And the hateful, they may shout louder
but to their judgment, they are bound
so be kind, kindness speaks.


So be kind; kindness speaks.
Be joy because joy will speak.
Be still; stillness speaks.


from THE UNENDING ALTERATION OF THE HUMAN HEART, track released March 20, 2020
Written by Gabrielle Louise


all rights reserved



Gabrielle Louise Paonia, Colorado

Gabrielle is a songwriter and storyteller living in the mountains on the western slope of Colorado. Half her time she's touring and making records and the other half she's gardening, painting, and writing songs on her porch. Her live show is honest, introspective and engaging.

"She executes a captivating balance of heartache and resolve." --David McGee (NYC, NY)
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